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Instructor & Club Secretary

Profile: Susan Brautlecht, 1st Dan, Instructor Asoryu Aikido Club:

Susan Brautlecht 1st Kyu Instructor

Susan Brautlecht, 1st Dan, Instructor & Club Secretary

My first experience in martial arts was at the age of 32 when I started training in Shukokai Karate in Hereford under the direction of Tom Beardsley sensei, 7th Dan. I continued to train in Shukokai Karate for 7 years in total. I was preparing to take my shodan, 1st Dan Black Belt in 1999 but, before I could take my grading, for family reasons, I moved to Yorkshire. In 1995 I met Sensei Billy McAuley a 3rd Dan, Aikido instructor recently returned to Herefordshire from Japan. I assisted him to open Asoryu Aikido Club in Leominster, Herefordshire in 1995 and I started my Aikido training at this club. I found Aikido very difficult as it was very different in every way from Karate and what I understood martial arts to be like. It was soft and flowing yet powerful and very effective. In Aikido you move in a very natural way that is very centered while the balance and centre of gravity are low, a bit like how an infant child moves but, as adults we have forgotten how to move like this and our balance is somewhere up in the clouds. I was captivated by Aikido almost immediately and have loved it since

In 1996 Sensei Billy McAuley and I travelled to Japan. While we were there I was able to train in Aikido at Minato-ku Aiaikai, where Sensei Billy first started his Aikido training, I also took a Wado-ryu Karate class from Negishi sensei, 6th Dan (also 5th Dan in Aikido and one of Sensei Billy's Dai-sempai) a truly lovely man. The highlight of my trip was paying a greeting (Isatsu) visit to Doshu at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo where we took tea with him and an uchi deshi. Later we went to pay a greeting visit to Fujita sensei, 8th Dan Aikikai, a big bear of a man who was really very kind. Fujita sensei has now sadly passed on

In January 2009 Sensei Billy McAuley and I opened Asoryu Aikido Club in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. We are very pleased now after five years to have grown the club and have a great group of Aikidoka within our student group, the club is like a big like-minded family and besides regular and serious Aikido training we have lots of fun. The club has been blessed with some outstanding Aikidoka and friends who have helped build the club, we have, this great new website;   some really cool Aikido gear promoting Asoryu Aikido Club & a new club database on the way. All this is down to our membership and past members especially Adam Lisik for our first website which really helped us build the club. Our thanks goes to all of you very special people, you know who you are!!

I am very happy and proud to have received my Aikido Shodan (1st Dan) in September 2014