Asoryu Aikido Club's Management


Club Steering Committee


Asoryu Aikido Club is affiliated to the following Aikido assocations; the Go Shin Kai Aikido Assocation & the BAB (British Aikido Board), see links page of this website for more information


Asoryu Aikido Club is also a democratically run Aikido club, all major decisions that affect the club and its membership are left in the hands of the Club Steering Committee (CSC) which consists of seven officers of the club holding the following posts…


  • Club Chairman (with Treasury responsibilities)
  • Club Secretary
  • Club Welfare & Liaison Officer
  • Club Membership Officer
  • Club Equality & Diversity Officer
  • Club Web Master
  • Club Social Secretary


Officers of the CSC are elected by majority vote at the Club’s Annual General Meeting to hold office for one or more years at the discretion of the Club membership


Asoryu Aikido Club CSC Current Post Holders

CSC Post

Elected Member

Club Chairman (w Treasury)

Billy McAuley

Club Secetary

Susan Brautlecht

Club Welfare & Liaison Officer

Yusuf Uddin

Club Membership Officer

Post open

Club Equality & Diversity Officer

Yusuf Uddin

Club Webmaster

Nathan Ingham

Club Social Secretary

Post open

Coaching Committee


The Club Coaching Committee (CCC) has direct responsibility only for matters relating specifically to the teaching and practice of Aikido. Members of the CCC are club instructors or club liaison officers. All club instructors have to hold current BAB CL1 Coaching Certificate and valid insurance and ideally an appropriate First Aid certification


The Club Coaching Committee (CCC) consists of the following Club Instructors:

CCC Post

Appointed Member

Chief Instructor

Billy McAuley

Club Instructor & Club Secretary

Susan Brautlecht

Club Instructor & Club Liaison Officer

Yusuf Uddin

Club Assistant Instructor

Nathan Ingham





Members of the Club Coaching Committee (CCC) are appointed by the Chief Instructor and Senior Instructor and hold their CCC status for one or more years at the discretion of the CI and SI

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