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Asoryu Aikido Club

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2019 Summer Special Offer

Free - 2 Weeks Aikido Training for New Club Members!!!



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Upcoming Events

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Weekly Training Schedule


5:30 - 7:30pm

Lighthouse Centre

10 Linden Road


Huddersfield HD2 2TP

About Asoryu Aikido Club

Who we are!

Asoryu Aikido Club is affiliated to the following Aikido assocations; the Go Shin Kai Aikido Assocation & the BAB (British Aikido Board), see links page of this website for more information

Our Mission & Ethos

The Mission of Asoryu Aikido Club in the UK and beyond is…

To support, develop and encourage the teaching of good Aikido to all those in the UK and from the wider Aikido community who are interested in learning Aikido, Asoryu Aikido Club’s way (Asoh Kinjo shihan’s style of traditional Aikikai Aikido). That is a style of Aikido which focuses on the flowing movements of Aikikai supported by the structure and discipline of Aikido as interpreted by Asoh Kinjo sensei 7th Dan, Aikikai Foundation, Tokyo, Japan. Aikido training which is highly repetitive, training that concentrates on kihon, training that is extremely rigorous, energetic and active, in training sessions that are dedicated to learning, development and growth in Aikido. To prepare Asoryu Aikido Club members to become, not only good aikidoka who form part of Asoryu Aikido Club but, more importantly good aikidoka who can hold their own within the worldwide aikidoka community

The Ethos & Principles of Asoryu Aikido Club in the UK and beyond are…

Asoryu aikidoka should through good and honest Aikido training the Asoryu Aikido Club way, become an integral and respected part of the wider Aikido community in the UK and the wider Aikido community worldwide and should be dedicated to the advancement of good Aikido that benefits the community as a whole. Asoryu Aikido Club should at all times maintain an all-inclusive policy. We should never entertain any form of; ageism, racism, sexism, religious intolerance or any other kind of isms or intolerances. Asoryu Aikido Club actively discourages all forms of competition within its Aikido training regime. Asoryu Aikido Club's aikidoka should be humble, respectful, always willing to learn from others, always willing to share with others, should avoid being critical of their fellow aikidoka and their fellow Aikido clubs and associations. Asoryu Aikido Club's aikidoka should be patient and tolerant of all other Asoryu Aikido Club's aikidoka and all aikidoka everywhere

As clearly defined, evidenced and enchrined within the Asoryu Aikido Club Constitution (see below), all Club members can expect and rely upon the principles of; respect, fair treatment, the protection of basic human rights and the right to be heard. The most important of these Club principles is the protection and fair treatment of every Asoryu Aikido Club member; any form of bullying, maltreatment, disrespect, discrimination, manipulative behaviour or abuse of position by any Club member against any other Club member(s) will not be tolerated and will be addressed by the Asoryu Aikido Club, Steering Committee

See or Download the Asoryu Aikido Club Constitution