Special Notices

Asoryu Aikido Club

Introductory Offer!


2019 Summer Special Offer

Free - 2 Weeks Aikido Training for New Club Members!!!



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Upcoming Events

Watch this space for special events and masterclasses...

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Weekly Training Schedule


5:30 - 7:30pm

Lighthouse Centre

10 Linden Road


Huddersfield HD2 2TP

Safe Training

Getting Started in Aikido at Asoryu Aikido Club…

What to Bring and Wear on your First Training Secession. Wear anything comfortable and loose fitting, track suit bottom and tee-shirt would be ideal. Don't worry about training shoes the class is conducted on nice soft mats. We look forward to training with you

Safe Practice of Aikido

Like all physical activity & martial arts, Aikido has rules and regulations. Health and safety is paramount at Asoryu Aikido Club. Following are some health & safety guidelines for safe & enjoyable practice during Aikido training at the Club…

•Aikido is a cooperative martial art, you must work with your partner to learn Aikido techniques and to maintain a positive & pleasant training atmosphere for all

•Please remove all jewellery before training

•To avoid cuts and other injury please ensure that your finger and toe nails are properly trimmed

•Please ensure that you have properly warmed up before training

•Feel free to ask for help if you don't understand something 

•If you have to leave the mat area for some reason, please let an instructor know before you leave the training mats. It is not only good etiquette, but is also a safety requirement

•Keep your Aikido wear (dogi) clean at all times

•Please enjoy your Aikido class and have fun training